Feb 20, 2017 10:38pm

 In 21st century, which is full of rush, porn can be relaxation for many people. Either you are porn lover number one or you just watch porn when your second half is too far away, you have to admit one thing – VR porn is completely new level in the porn industry! It had passed some time from the days where porn had been just like a normal film but with lot of sex in it. Nowadays, porn sites and productions need new faces and materials as often as it is possible, so quality does not mean so much as quantity does. However, porn companies are still trying to improve the technologies and ideas, so after POV (point of view), we have VR porn here. It means reality. It means to see the sexual object by the eye of the actor, not only as a viewer.


But beginings are hard and so it was with the VR porn. At first, producers had done mainly the 180 VR porn because 360 videos are more expensive and they require more time spent on the postproduciton. But then the companies have started working with 360 version and have reached the highest level of the customer’s experience in VR porn until nowadays. HoliVR, one of the best VR porn productions in the world, is american production, which is particular about 360 form of the video. “180 VR porn is not real virtual reality.” said producer from the HoliVR. They co-operate also with foreign productions. The most recent co-operation was with czech production Bravo Models Media, that is the one and only production in Czech republic that creates VR videos. Anyway, there are still things that can get better and it is clear to everyone that technologies will go ahead no matter what. So maybe we can look forward to holographic pornstars at our homes…? We will see.


And like everything that becomes worldwide boom, even the VR porn scene has had its first festival - Adult VR Fest 01 in Japan. The intention of the organisors was a small festival for few tens of people but actually over five hundred people came to the festival and it got ouf of control. The organisors had to send most of the people back home and only about twenty people get in. But VR porn can do a mess at home too. One women wanted to shoot her husband during the midnight video gaming, but when she came to the living room she was very shocked - his husband was enjoying hot sex with two beautiful pornstars thanks by the VR technology. The video went viral very fast.


In the second part of the artical I am going to bring you an interview with producer from the HoliVR.



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BravoModels TV - LIVE


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