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Feb 25, 2017 09:59pm

Today I'm bringing you an interview with the producer from the Holi VR company which is focused on VR porn videos. You can see their work on the website -

Why did you decide to start buisness in VR porn?
We started with VR, because it is a very hi-tech technology. And VR videos + porn – it gives to a customer the most complex experience until now.

What is the history of your HoliVR company?
The HoliVR is originated from the Hindu spring festival in India, also known as the festival of colors and the festival of sharing love. Like the Holi Festival signifies, HoliVR pursues the variety of idea and loves and those are origin power of our films, mixed all together. Of course, Meaning literally in HoliVR Holistic, Holic and Holiday is lied beneath.

Do you know something about history of VR videos in general?
Need more time to study for VR Video history. As far as I know, VR Videos were made from game and military industry from the 1990s. VR Porn was appeared from 2014y but was very basic stage. But in the mid of 2014, Facebook acquired Oculus, VR head mount device manufacturer, VR filming studio accelerated their shooting skill.  Most of VR Porn Site dealt with 180 3D videos due to high cost and time of post production of 360 VR at present. 360 VR filming is very sophisticated work to match all surrounded environments in hardware and software also. But holiVR is insisting 360VR, to tell the truth.. 180 is not true virtual reality. To magnify the merit of 360 VR, HoliVR pursues creatives such as car driving, moving and public scene.

What are your favourite actresses?
The favorite model of our site in Czech republic is Angel Wicky, Nathaly Cherie, Alexis Crystal and Lady Dee.

As you may know, we take a shoot with Japanese models also all local filming. Among Japanese models, Aoi Shino(Megumi Shino, Same person) contributes to pumping up the sales of Asian country.

What are the main benefits of the VR porn against the classic porn?
To a customer it is the most real experience. Of course it is not real but because VR porn it is not just 3D but even in 360, so it can give him really a lot. It is kind of different level of POV, where you can look around and you still see something.

Are there any cons? It is quite a new technology, so is there something, that should get better?
Yes. VR porn doesn't reach the same quality of the video as the classic porn yet. But it's obviously question of time. I believe that scientist improve that in next few years.

How do you choose actors and actresses?
Fist one – new face is better. Good acting skills are also better. Because it is important to us. We mostly do not cut. Our scenes are for like twenty minutes, thirty minutes, so if they make some mistake we do not do it again. It is not like classic movie, we go straight until the end. So we prefer actors and actresses with good acting skills and good english too.

In your opinion – what are the qualities porn actor should have?
We need actors that are willing to do it. And also they must have a positive attitude to VR porn. Because they have to be able to work with camera, they need to know, how far they have to be from it etc. Eye contact is also important.

Why did you choose to work Bravo Models Media production?
Bravo Models Media is really professional production. Work with them is really easy and cosy, so that is why we choose them.

What are your plans with HoliVR for the future?
We are trying reall many new things with VR videos. We are trying outdoor scences, ASMR technology etc. Actually team is not originally from porn industry. They have shooted documentaries and things like that, but they really have passion for shooting so we are challeneging ourselves and still trying something new. For the next year we want to try new environments, new creative stories, … we want to try new things in really many ways.

Is it imporant for you to shoot porn with a story?
Yes. Without story it would be really boring. It would be quite pity not to use all the potentional that VR videos can offer to us.


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